Custom Cut Pork

We raise a heritage breed hog called Tamworth. Our hogs are humanely raised in their natural environment. The Tamworth is a long and lean hog known for its flavor and bred for the outdoors where it obtains a rich and varied diet from natural forage. The result is a healthful gourmet pork your family will love.

Reserve your pork now for Spring 2018 processing. You may order a half or whole hog depending on your needs and freezer space. Two large coolers will usually hold the pork cuts and sausage from a half hog. Feel free to call and ask about quantities and cutting preferences. You will receive a custom cut Butcher Sheet to indicate your preferences.

Your cost for a half or whole hog depends on it’s dressed (hanging) weight. This is usually between 100 and 120 pounds for a half hog depending on it’s growth. The price per pound is set prior to processing to reflect current feed and processing costs. The price includes raising and transporting your hog, custom butchering, vacuum packaging and freezing. A country style bacon cure is also available at additional cost.

Reserve your pork now or request more information on cuts, quantities, and availability using the contact form.