Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year is pork available?

We process pork twice-a-year… spring and fall. Notification is given about 60 days prior to processing to receive orders. Orders are taken on a first come basis.

What is the hanging weight for a butcher hog?

The dressed (hanging) weight of a whole butcher hog will be between 200 and 240 pounds. A half-hog between 100 and 120 pounds. Of course there are variables that affect hog growth so some variability is to be expected.

I ordered a half-hog. How much pork should I expect to take home?

The amount of pork to go in the freezer from a half-hog will fill about 2 large coolers.

How is my pork wrapped after processing and where do I pick it up?

Your pork will be individually wrapped, vacuum sealed, and frozen. Your order will be picked up at our farm and you will have a specific day and time to arrive. I travel to the processor early in the morning and box up your order and bring it back to the farm.

When and how is payment made for the order and is a deposit required?

Currently there is no requirement for a deposit. Payment is due in full at time of pick up. Checks are made out to Copper Hill Farms. Exact change cash payment and PayPal using personal funds transfer is also acceptable.

What are the options for getting cured bacon with my order?

If you are getting bacon with your order there are 3 ways of having it done:

1.      You may cure your own bacon. You receive the side meat whole and can cure to your liking at home.

2.      You can leave your side meat with me to cure. (this is done as a favor among friends) I use Kosher salt, brown sugar, red and black pepper. This will have a slightly salty taste. You receive your bacon in small blocks and you slice it at home. The charge is $25 per half-hog.

3.      You can have your bacon cured AND sliced at the processor. It is sliced a bit thicker than what you may have purchased in the grocery store. They use salt, brown sugar, white sugar, and curing salt. This will have a slightly sweeter taste. Note that curing salt contains about 6% sodium nitrite as a preservative. This is required in commercial processing. The charge is $35 per half-hog.

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