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I realize that we’ve been getting pork from you for so long, that your pork is what defines pork for us.  We simply expect it to be outrageously delicious and juicy.  When we eat “pork” elsewhere, at a restaurant or a friend’s house, we have to hide our disappointment at how dry and flavorless it is.  There used to be an ad: “Pork, the other white meat!” Commercial pork, that is – I think I’ve said before that more than once I’ve had to check the label on your pork to be sure I hadn’t grabbed beef by mistake!

It’s wonderful to be so spoiled, but it makes it hard to leave a review that adequately captures just how dang good your pork is!

LW: Copper Hill, VA

Our family has been enjoying delicious local pasture-raised pork from Copper Hill Farms since 2012 and recently added the grass-fed beef to our menus. I love knowing that I am providing wholesome, healthy meals for my family while also supporting a local business. It has been a delight to work with Bill all these years. He is very knowledgeable about his products and provides great suggestions regarding the cuts of meat and their preparation.

T.A. Roanoke, VA

We have been long time customers and friends of Copper Hill Farms and we truly love both the pork and beef meats obtained from them.  They are easy to work with and often accommodate different levels of seasoning on our pork sausage, upon request.  We have enjoyed their products for many years and we highly recommend Copper Hill Farms!

C.V. Roanoke, VA

We have been customers of Copper Hill Farms for the past 6 years. The quality of their products is impeccable and they always catered to our preferences. We are fans and won’t purchase our beef or pork anywhere else! 

D.R. Copper Hill, VA

Copper hill farm has the best sausage you can eat we buy 40 pound each year his pork chops and other meat is better than you can buy anywhere. Can’t beat the price and Bill is a very nice person. I highly recommend his quality of pork and beef to anyone.

M.S. Blue Ridge, VA

Everything I have ever gotten from Copper Hill Farms has been A1 quality and so much better than store-bought.

M.B. Roanoke, VA

Local raised products are the best. Personable business with care for products and customer in mind. Community oriented.

B.T. Copper Hill, VA

Best Bacon I have ever had – lean flavor and a farmer who does it RIGHT – that is why we came to this area to buy great product from Great Famers like Copper Hill Farms – our go to for the best meats ever!!

S.H. Copper Hill, VA

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