Pricing Information

Pork Pricing

Pork pricing is based on the weight of your hog or half-hog. The total cost supports the farm for raising and caring for the animals in a humane and sustainable manner and the fees charged by the processor for the custom butchering you have selected. VA state sales tax for food purchases is also collected.

While hog feed costs have steadily increased the larger variable tends to be the cost of processing. We are fortunate to have a long standing relationship with a processor that consistently produces excellent results. We make appointments for our hogs up to 2 years in advance.

Current pricing includes basic processing fees. Cured bacon options are available. The average dressed weight for a half-hog will range between 100 and 120 pounds. We take our hogs to Dodson Meat Processing in Stuart, VA. They charge for processing based on the dressed (hanging) weight of the hog. The cost is $4.60 per pound plus sales tax. This includes the cost of the hog or half-hog plus Dodson’s processing fees. There is a small additional charge if the customer chooses to have cured bacon. Please refer to our FAQ page for additional information.